Start Living

What if I were to tell you that this life you’re living doesn’t have to be anything, but peaceful?
You don’t have to worry, stress, have anxiety…
When you’re in pain, you can ask God to take it away….
When something bad happens, you’d have a steady heart that wouldn’t sway….

Would you believe me?

No, I’m not being silly and unrealistic…
Heaven is so close you can taste it.

Start living right now. You are free.
God’s wants nothing but you to be happy.

What’s an Issue?

What makes an issue an issue?
Is it 2 sides disagreeing?
Is it pride?
Or what about insecurity?

We see issues everyday…
Issues about race.
Issues about gender.
Issues about sexuality.
Issues about abortion.
Issues about drug legality.
Issues, issues, issues.

What’s the point, really?
If God gave us free will,
Then isn’t it a waste of time.
To preach to the crowd who pays no mind.

Forcing your side of the topic in another’s face,
Will only make them look at you in such disgrace…
Being gentle, loving, and accepting will reach many
Spreading truth and the Word to those who listen will most likely spread farther than any.

So listen when people talk,
But don’t be quick to fight back.
If you want them to realize what’s right,
Do it in a way that doesn’t cause an attack.

Patience is key for seeing results.
So love one another despite their beliefs.
Be kind and forgiving, you’ll feel some relief.

My Hopes for You

To the man that will one
Day take my hand…
I hope you are kind.
I hope you have gentle hands & eyes.
I hope you are happy as can be.
I hope you like to star gaze and smile at simplicity.

I hope you like the outdoors,
And like to look around
At everything God’s given you
And never seem to frown.
I hope you have a giant heart.
That likes to give & share.
I hope you would one day travel with me to far away places to see what’s there.

I hope you are a family man,
That likes to play & laugh.
I hope you enjoy cozy nights
With movies & bubble baths.
I hope you have a sensitive side,
That isn’t afraid to show emotions.
With lots of kisses & cuddles & hugs that are as big as all the oceans.

I hope you put your pride aside,
And forgive easily.
Because when times get hard,
I’ll need you next to me.
I hope you keep God first,
Before me at all times.
Because your salvation is what matters most,
That’s what keeps me satisfied.

You see I don’t ask for much,
Just a friend and loving man
Someone who accepts me,
And takes me as I am.
Just know, my dear, I think of you,
And I hope your every prayer & dream comes true.
I love you to the moon & stars.
I pray one day soon I’m yours.


Galaxies they say,
Are so very far away.
But in her mind,
Deep inside,
She can find
A place,
Where thoughts
Roam so close to
A new dimension
Of time.
She connects the dots,
And a comet
Shoots off.
The stars align.
Planets collide.
The universe is one,
With small things
Working together.
In darkness they float,
But in light they exist.
This magnified place,
That we can’t resist.
To wonder if….
There is something more,
Than all of this.
Deep down
She knows,
That the mysterious black hole
Is no place to go.
The sun is warmer,
And feels like home.
Searching for constellations,
Helps her through a meditation.
The state of mind,
she longs to stay in.
But the clock ticks on,
And thoughts disappear,
Into the cloudy atmosphere.

Rambling Thoughts

She thinks of things to do,
To keep her mind of you.

She says she wants to change the world,
But the change has to start with her.

She asks God up above
To send her someone to love.

Is anyone listening?
Someone has to be listening…

Her faith goes up and down
Then up, again….
One of these days, it’ll all make sense.

Little by little she picks up a piece at a time,
Because Lord knows that’s all she can handle.

But, she wont give in.
She’s too determined to rebuild what’s been lost.
She’ll push on, no matter the cost…

Sing to Me

Birds sing to me
That simple, sweet melody
Don’t hold it in
Just belt it out
For the whole world to hear
The love you held in
So long…

Little beauties just sing your song…

Hey little bird,
Why you sitting there all alone?
Looking so blue,
When you are many colors…
So show them off.
Don’t be shy
The ones that mock
Will surely cry,
Many tears…

When the song they hear, mends & heals their fears…

Most Humble Man

You are the most beautiful,
You are the most high,
Though You lowered yourself
To the lost
& blind

You came right in,
So gently & sweet
You spoke truth to all
Who wanted to know.
You healed,
You touched
Many, no matter what they’ve done.

Oh, how I long to be like You.
So beautiful,
So kind & true.
To bring the ones I love so much
To know Your love & how much You gave to us.

I’ll go on my way,
And I’ll preach Your love each day. To all that long to hear Your words.
Even to the ones that have never heard.
I’ll keep Your promises in my mind
until I’m left with no more time.

I’ll praise Your name,
I’ll raise my voice,
Even when I’m tired.
And even when I’m shakin’.
For You alone have set me free,
And thanks to You I’ll aways be…