Galaxies they say,
Are so very far away.
But in her mind,
Deep inside,
She can find
A place,
Where thoughts
Roam so close to
A new dimension
Of time.
She connects the dots,
And a comet
Shoots off.
The stars align.
Planets collide.
The universe is one,
With small things
Working together.
In darkness they float,
But in light they exist.
This magnified place,
That we can’t resist.
To wonder if….
There is something more,
Than all of this.
Deep down
She knows,
That the mysterious black hole
Is no place to go.
The sun is warmer,
And feels like home.
Searching for constellations,
Helps her through a meditation.
The state of mind,
she longs to stay in.
But the clock ticks on,
And thoughts disappear,
Into the cloudy atmosphere.


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