Winter Song

Won’t you come for me?

Won’t you fight for me?

Just like the winter winds,

Blowing wildly.

Howling in the night,

Just wanting to be heard,

Won’t you save me from this hurt?

Won’t you come right in?

And share with me Your truth,

I tried believing mine,

It hasn’t seemed to work.

I’m left here in the cold,

Feeling so alone,

So won’t you come?

I follow steps in snow,

In hopes you’d see me down below,

Attempting to search,

For answers.

I can’t seem to find a single reason why,

I got left outside,

Other than,

I walked myself right out the door.

But won’t you come?



I used to look into your eyes and feel respect.

Blemishes were small and overlooked,

Now everything is altered.

Now I look and see eyes that have lied and deceived.

We aren’t talking about white ones,

But lies that have manipulated my heart and have hidden parts of who you’ve chosen to become.

No, this isn’t you.

But this is who you want to be.

Forgiveness is sweet in a moment,

But you aren’t warned about the trials that will soon follow.

Paranoia creeps in and I am left in a vicious cycle of what to believe….

Your eyes are so heavy,

And red.

I notice everything,

Even more so than before…

My mistake was not following my gut.

I don’t want to ignore it again,

Because my truth is that you aren’t truly on my side,

And the only one in this house that has my best interest,

Is me.


The wrinkle between my two eyes

Didn’t just appear here over night.

It took time.

Time with a knot in the pit of my stomach,

Analyzing and doubting whether the truth was being told,

Or another fable.

A mixture of half told truths has never drove me to brain splitting pain,


And insanity.

With my clenched jaw,

I long to be able to feel safe.

Feel taken care of.

I drink the cup of hope that seems to never run out,

But freedom of choice is a twisted game.

I play this scenario over and over,

Until my eyes are heavy and achy,

But trusting in man alone is a lesson already been learned.

I remember Your wisdom.


“What will you choose?”

You ask.

“Will you choose to stay in this cycle that has left you bitter again and again?”

“Or will you trust the One who knows you?”