The Holy One

It isn’t I who is the holy one, 

For it is You.

So I can rest in the thought,

That there is nothing more that I can do.

The only battle is to trust in what You say,

By continuing to ask the Spirit to guide the way. 

It isn’t I who must strive to win Your heart,

For You have freely given it and gave us a brand new start.

Unconditionally, You love,

While Your only request is for us to accept what has already been done. 

You give us a choice to allow You within,

By inviting the Holy One in our hearts to birth us again. 

Melting Point

Inspiration is absent. 

I feel no gust of beauty. 

For my thoughts have not been set on the extraordinary, or the truth. 

I’ve been distracted by laziness and minut circumstances. 

I’ve lost sight of the freedom, 

the glory…

and mercy.

I have lost sight of the miraculous parts of Life,

Which once captivated me and was my home. 

I have abandoned the One who adopted me.

I have forgotten the wonder in the presence of His Spirit,

and the embrace of my Father. 

But His hand stretches out for me, 

His voice cries out to me,

His warmth heats up the cold, hardened core of my heart. 

Like anything frozen and paralyzed in a state of complacency, the thawing takes time. 

It is a process of melting away old thoughts and ways. 

A chipping away of lies…

But the more heat from the Light of God’s unchanging word,

And the help of spontaneous moments spent in the healing presence of the Savior,

I am progressing towards the melting point of total surrender.