Opened Box

Wear your heart on your sleeve they say….

Be trusting and giving.

So, I’ll trust until it hurts.

I’ll be open and honest, almost too open and too honest…

Because people don’t truly like honesty.

And people want you to remain in a confined box.

One that won’t be opened.

Because if it opens, all your secrets come creeping out.

When your secrets are exposed, they will feel compelled to release theirs.

And that’s a scary thought.

So we stay in the dark, until we get so full of thoughts and emotions,

That they soon start leaking from our tired eyes.

Make it stop.

But it doesn’t…

At that point it’s way too late, you’re too far over that mountain.

So overwhelmed with grief as if something just died.

You’re hoping its the old you that has been alone inside.


Now all of you is in the open air.

Although it’s still overwhelming,

The weight is feeling lighter.

You finally feel okay to let it out.

“Why haven’t I always done this?” you wonder.

Now what once was grief is turning into something more angry…

All those voices that made you feel bad for feeling

are echoed in your watery head.

You make promises you hope to keep.

Not to anyone, but yourself.

You promise to always be open no matter what it might do.

You promise to finally start caring about you.





The Battlefield 

When your mind is in the battlefield, and your not sure why or how it got there, take a moment to take authority. Rid yourself of the lies that are telling you that you are everything you are not. Remove yourself from the place or conversation, close your eyes and seek His word; His face; His truth. Cast all worry, insecurity, doubt, fear, lust, profanity, anger, lack of patience, anxiety, or anything holding you back from joy, onto Him. When you are feeling like any of these things are consuming you, and you are questioning who you are, allow God to come in and remind you Who’s you are. You are His. You are loved. 
“The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; he is their stronghold in the time of trouble. The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.”
-Psalm 37: 39-40

Let’s Make This Place Our Home

Palms are sweaty,
but our hearts are ready,

to make this place our home.

A place to dream, and talk, and dance.

A place to rest, and think, and plan. 

A quiet space full of room to grow.

A place to finally call our own.

Just you and I, and me and you.

Our prayers and hopes finally coming true. 

Let’s make this place our home…

Though a home that’s a place of peace

is unusual and distant,

I have faith that our turn will be different.


Chamomile Tea 

With each sip,

my shoulders relax,

and feel at ease.

My mind slowly unwinds,

with each deep breathe,

 I smell chamomile tea.

We make many excuses,

and find time to create stress,

when all in all we are so greatly blessed. 

Everyday should be a day of joy and glee.

Everyday should give you that feeling,

like sipping on chamomile tea.


Got to get a handle

or surrender to the one.

Unravelling at the core,

just waiting to finally come undone.

Spin me back and catch me,

don’t let me go astray,

Just waiting for the one time

you spill your heart and say…

I love you!

But it won’t stop there,

I love you will mean more,

 than just words in spoken air. 

Political Peace 

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, the political stuff in the media was picking at my brain. I started to pray and ponder on the different emotions I was feeling towards the candidates and circumstances going on. Lately, I’ve been pretty bitter and hopeless towards the whole thing, because it seems like people around me and most of the country feel like our choices aren’t very promising and it’s pretty much up to choosing for yourself the lesser of two evils. If you take in the different informations given to us by opinions of others and media, it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing.

I asked God what I should think of it. How do you do you choose a leader based off of all of this information? What was placed on my heart was God saying. “What this country needs is someone who will not tell us what THEY can do to restore this country, but what I can do to restore this country.”

With the different options we have, how can this be possible? I don’t want to chose between people that don’t have a Godly perspective, because with God’s perspective comes the genuine love for people.

That’s when I was reminded of prayer and it’s undeniable power. Instead of focusing on the many things Hillary, Trump, etc., have failed at, right now I need to be focusing on how I can pray for each candidate to gain new mindsets, perspectives, and desires to be the leader that we would need to be a unified nation again with values, freedoms, and rights that would reflect goodness and Godliness in our future. November is near, but there is still time to see changes in all parties before then. Holding onto this word is the only thing making me hopeful, confident, and at peace with this year’s election.

So my hope, is that you too know that it doesn’t have to be the way the world is making it seem. We don’t have to decide between the lesser of two evils and compromise our morals. We can boldly approach God through prayer with any worry, doubt, or uncertainty. We can claim authority over darkness, and proclaim light in all places. We can humble ourselves to seek His will above any personal agenda, greed, power, or pride, in ourselves and in this country. 


Started reading a new book called “Fervent” written by Priscilla Shirer. I came across it at a little store in the airport in Miami. I grabbed it without even opening it, as I was walking to the counter to check out the bottled water I had gone in to get. Funny how God places people and things in your path that you don’t even think you need. 

So on the plane ride from Miami to Haiti, I read the first 40 pages of this book. I cried tears of joy like a weirdo sitting in the aisle seat of the plane. You see, I was feeling pretty defeated with myself beforehand. I felt confused and distant in my prayer life and the direction God wanted for me. I was doubting my faith and who I was in God’s eyes. The enemy was weighing me down in areas I didn’t even know of yet. The words and verses in the first 40 pages of this book lit a new flame inside of me that gave me new hope in realizing how powerful prayer is in every aspect of life. 

“Through intentional, deliberate, strategic prayer, you grab hold of Jesus and of everything He’s already done on your behalf. It’s how you tap into the power of heaven and watch it reverberate in your experiences. It’s a key part of your offensive weaponry against a cunning foe who prowls around and watches for your weaknesses, your vulnerable places, for any opportunity to destroy you. In prayer you gain your strength- the power to gird yourself with armor that extinguishes every weapon your enemy wields (Fervent, p.12).”

We can come back to life and be filled with God’s spirit through knowing our power and authority in Jesus Christ. We are not defeated, but are victorious by aligning our desires and heart in prayer to God’s desires and heart. 

Everyday I want to wake up training my mind to remember this. Everyday I want to wake up to protect myself, my loved ones, and my relationship with God by putting on the armor God gives us through prayer and his perfect word. I want to do these things out of love, not of obligation. Through this, am I able to be the most encouraged, at peace, and equipped to be empowered to fight any plans the enemy tries to make in any area of my life. 

“Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.” -Ephesians 6:11

The armor is God’s word, along with prayer. Let this truth encourage you in all areas of your life. If there are areas in your life that need fixing, go to your loving Father to help you and empower you to see them not as failures, but as victories through Him. Through Him, anything is possible.