True Identity

There is a lot that is being revealed…

Firstly, I want to begin by saying that the most vicious attacks that the enemy attempts are towards our identity.

Freedom comes from knowing truth. The truth that sin was never meant for us and that there is a way back to the Father, even though it has found a way into our hearts.

So when you stumble in sin, because we always will have this battle here, know that the voice inside that says you can’t try again, or you aren’t good enough, you are dirty, unteachable, and unlovable, is not the identity that is meant for you.

The Word says to be transformed by the renewal of your mind (Romans 12:2). So the enemy hides in our very minds, and we must recognize and train our thoughts and behaviors by reclaiming our God-given authority to overthrow and overpower it.

When a negative thought about yourself springs up, from a current mistake or even a past one, acknowledge it and redirect it with truth. Acknowledge the mistake, but separate it from your identity to move forward in another learned lesson. Deception and truth cannot rest in the same vessel, you have to choose which one you will believe.

This is one of the most profound and empowering lessons yet to uncover within my own walk, and Jesus was the perfect example of this. Despite all his struggles, criticisms, and rejections, in His walk on earth, he never questioned who He was (God’s Son) or why He was sent (to save the world and bring us back to the Father).

You are worth the fight. You are free to be who you are, alive and loved, all the time.

Closed Eyes

Help me not forget who I am…

I long for a more intimate affection,

One that leaves no room for doubt,

But instead I feel no hand.

I see closed eyes when I make love.

I want to be seen.

Even in my faults,

And imperfections.

Seen truly and wholeheartedly,

And it be more than enough.

But how can I expect you to see me,

If I can’t even see myself?

Why can’t the brokenness be beautiful?

Instead I am drowning in a bayou of self-hating thoughts and what-ifs.

Because I know,

Closed eyes means closed heart.

I go through lengths to be noticed,

To ignite whatever fire will hold your interest…

And then it leaves me more bitter than vinegar.

Sour to the taste, with a devouring heat that is much too hard to swallow.

There must be more.

I must find myself again,

Or rather the Inner Spirit…

And be content with how the Creator painted this over-feeling, ever chasing, woman of me.