Real beauty

Speaking from first hand experience-

I have never felt more at peace….
I’ve never had more energy….
I haven’t felt more motivated…
I’ve never been happier….
I have never been more clear minded….
I’ve never felt more beautiful….
I’ve never felt more loved….

Than I do right now.

It’s all because I’m chasing Jesus. I’m staying faithful to reading His word, for He is the word and the word is Him. I am constantly seeking to feel His presence. Talking to him, as if he was right there in front of me, face-to-face,  out loud, believing and knowing He is listening to every word.

Lord, I pray for consistency. To never stray. To stand my ground and allow You to continue to have Your way. Finish the work You’ve started in my life. I’m ready for whatever is next. I love You and thank You for all that You continue to show me and for never giving up on me.


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