The Armor

We make it too easy,

For the one who’s name isn’t worthy of being mentioned,

But I will choose to call him out.

The serpent of old, accuser, and foe effortlessly recieves power. 

By replacing the truth of the matter with diagnoses, pride, fatigue, substance induced minds, and business, we continue to let his plans go unnoticed. 

Instead of calling the darkness by name, we give him room to grow and linger.

Instead of choosing to fight and join the war, we settle for complacent habits of self-medicating, accepting passionless lifestyles, and pressing on in our cyclic routines.

The vulnerability in the moments we struggle, suffer, and inebriate ourselves, give way to the enemy to slither in.

To protect your heart, means to be aware of his schemes.

To know your enemy,

You must be confident in what he is after…

He is after your joy in knowing that you are unconditionally loved by God,

And the peace of mind that comes from having no fear of death.

Pick up the shield.



The Holy One

It isn’t I who is the holy one, 

For it is You.

So I can rest in the thought,

That there is nothing more that I can do.

The only battle is to trust in what You say,

By continuing to ask the Spirit to guide the way. 

It isn’t I who must strive to win Your heart,

For You have freely given it and gave us a brand new start.

Unconditionally, You love,

While Your only request is for us to accept what has already been done. 

You give us a choice to allow You within,

By inviting the Holy One in our hearts to birth us again. 

Melting Point

Inspiration is absent. 

I feel no gust of beauty. 

For my thoughts have not been set on the extraordinary, or the truth. 

I’ve been distracted by laziness and minut circumstances. 

I’ve lost sight of the freedom, 

the glory…

and mercy.

I have lost sight of the miraculous parts of Life,

Which once captivated me and was my home. 

I have abandoned the One who adopted me.

I have forgotten the wonder in the presence of His Spirit,

and the embrace of my Father. 

But His hand stretches out for me, 

His voice cries out to me,

His warmth heats up the cold, hardened core of my heart. 

Like anything frozen and paralyzed in a state of complacency, the thawing takes time. 

It is a process of melting away old thoughts and ways. 

A chipping away of lies…

But the more heat from the Light of God’s unchanging word,

And the help of spontaneous moments spent in the healing presence of the Savior,

I am progressing towards the melting point of total surrender. 


Enjoy the present moment. 

Leave the past behind. 

The future isn’t here yet…

It’s all a state-of-mind. 

Slowly, but surely, transforming…

That’s what I am choosing to believe. 

I am able to give Grace,

Because I’ve been shown it. 

I thank God for that.

I haven’t been the person God intended.

I’ve been anxious,





A monster. 

But it’s not over,

The page is turning…

The leaves are changing colors.

The dead is starting to breathe, once again. 

Revived by God’s spirit,

Into something strong,


And free. 


I want to tattoo “undesirable” on my forehead. 
But only for this moment. 

The permanent mark of it would do no justice. 

For I know, that the meaning of the word is only temporary and is not truthful. 

But I can’t help but feel this way. 

When two insecurities collide, it is a chaotic mess.

Like a hand grenade waiting to explode, 

Into broken tears and resentful words… 

How do you wipe away the residue of doubt, 

When the patterns are cemented and seemingly immovable? 


Take yourself a little more seriously. 
Believe in the words that escape your mouth,

The ones that are spoken within you that often times leak out,

Believe in the spontaneous moments that are starving for your attention,

Believe in the beauty of nature, and how it is so mind-blowingly intricate that there must be a grand Creator.

Follow the beat of your heart that is good, by knowing it’s goodness derived from a sacred place. 

Know deep down that there is a bigger purpose and that your pre-destined role is needed. 

Apply the advice you humbly give. 

It was meant for you, before you gave it. 

Fuzzy Sweater


Wrapped up in the coziest sweater that could wrap around a baby elephant.

But my mind is a circus.

I shouldn’t spend all my time within the warmth of the soft material,

Nor do I want to.

I want to be challenged and grow stronger,

But it seems my heart has molded and meshed into the strands of cotton.

I can’t focus on what He wants to teach me.

I am distracted,

And doubtful if it’s His voice I’m even hearing…

What is wrong with me? What am I lacking? What am I forgetting?

To cluttered and overwhelmed by the demands of this life and the many voices around and within me,

My time is spread too thinly, but my options are few.

I need to pause, just a moment, to catch my breath.

Then, I’ll be ready to hang up the sweater,

And my heart will be more prepared to handle the cold parts of this world.

Not because the sharp winds have stopped,

But because, in the quiet, the warmth of His presence will surround.

Through each pause, I’ll trust a little more.