My Hopes for You

To the man that will one
Day take my hand…
I hope you are kind.
I hope you have gentle hands & eyes.
I hope you are happy as can be.
I hope you like to star gaze and smile at simplicity.

I hope you like the outdoors,
And like to look around
At everything God’s given you
And never seem to frown.
I hope you have a giant heart.
That likes to give & share.
I hope you would one day travel with me to far away places to see what’s there.

I hope you are a family man,
That likes to play & laugh.
I hope you enjoy cozy nights
With movies & bubble baths.
I hope you have a sensitive side,
That isn’t afraid to show emotions.
With lots of kisses & cuddles & hugs that are as big as all the oceans.

I hope you put your pride aside,
And forgive easily.
Because when times get hard,
I’ll need you next to me.
I hope you keep God first,
Before me at all times.
Because your salvation is what matters most,
That’s what keeps me satisfied.

You see I don’t ask for much,
Just a friend and loving man
Someone who accepts me,
And takes me as I am.
Just know, my dear, I think of you,
And I hope your every prayer & dream comes true.
I love you to the moon & stars.
I pray one day soon I’m yours.


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