Our world is conflicted.

The connection verse an illusion of connectiveness.

One is raw, the other a fake.

I sit still.

There is a whirlwind of people passing by.

I’m completely surrounded by beating hearts and breathing lungs, yet no one will notice me.

Yet I study the ones around me and notice them.

I notice a world that looks quite different than I remember a short time ago.

Its brighter, cleaner, and more sophisticated, yet something feels cold.

There aren’t many living people speaking at all.

They are looking down.

At machines.



Mirroring the very essence of needing connection, through the desperate attempts of finding the empty outlet.

Like the device, we too need connection.

This hazy feeling of feeling connected through this make believe world leaves us confused, discouraged, jealous, and bitter.

It is distorted.

We are not truly being connected with others through this avenue.

We are being misinformed, with the assumptions we make and the comparisons we feed our minds.

Its harmful.


We long for true fellowship.

A spoken word directly…saying “I’ve been there too.”

A cycle that seems hopeless…

Yet it starts with the ones like me,

Just a look around the room,

To notice.


Myself, Forgotten 

“Father, it seems as though I have forgotten myself…”

The words painfully escape her mouth.

“Be alive,”

Her heart is told.

She reads, “don’t be what the world needs.”

She wonders…if she has been living a slow, forming lie.

How can living freely be so hard to do?

Why must she think deeply about everything, that she misses out on living at all?

Under This Old, Oak


I’ll follow you to the shade tree,

As soon as you guide the way.

My feet will move just as quickly as my beating heart.


I’ll follow you there,

Even if you’re scared.

My hand will reach for yours to steady the earthquake of anxiety.


Standing in front of you in vulnerability,

Fills me with freedom and strength.

For these roots are grounded deeply in truth.


Life will always be unpredictable, but we have each other,

Under this old, oak we can share the gift of love,

In the presence of unconditional grace.


I’ll follow you, always, to this place…

To accept all of you,

And will laugh by your side in the moments of altered plans.






The Armor

We make it too easy,

For the one who’s name isn’t worthy of being mentioned,

But I will choose to call him out.

The serpent of old, accuser, and foe effortlessly recieves power. 

By replacing the truth of the matter with diagnoses, pride, fatigue, substance induced minds, and business, we continue to let his plans go unnoticed. 

Instead of calling the darkness by name, we give him room to grow and linger.

Instead of choosing to fight and join the war, we settle for complacent habits of self-medicating, accepting passionless lifestyles, and pressing on in our cyclic routines.

The vulnerability in the moments we struggle, suffer, and inebriate ourselves, give way to the enemy to slither in.

To protect your heart, means to be aware of his schemes.

To know your enemy,

You must be confident in what he is after…

He is after your joy in knowing that you are unconditionally loved by God,

And the peace of mind that comes from having no fear of death.

Pick up the shield.



Enjoy the present moment. 

Leave the past behind. 

The future isn’t here yet…

It’s all a state-of-mind. 

Slowly, but surely, transforming…

That’s what I am choosing to believe. 

I am able to give Grace,

Because I’ve been shown it. 

I thank God for that.

I haven’t been the person God intended.

I’ve been anxious,





A monster. 

But it’s not over,

The page is turning…

The leaves are changing colors.

The dead is starting to breathe, once again. 

Revived by God’s spirit,

Into something strong,


And free. 


Take yourself a little more seriously. 
Believe in the words that escape your mouth,

The ones that are spoken within you that often times leak out,

Believe in the spontaneous moments that are starving for your attention,

Believe in the beauty of nature, and how it is so mind-blowingly intricate that there must be a grand Creator.

Follow the beat of your heart that is good, by knowing it’s goodness derived from a sacred place. 

Know deep down that there is a bigger purpose and that your pre-destined role is needed. 

Apply the advice you humbly give. 

It was meant for you, before you gave it.