The Power of Healing


I’m sitting here on vacation, reading and journaling about the power of healing that Jesus showed us through his walk on earth and how we can be apart of that.

In Luke 4:40 and 13:10-13, we see examples of how Jesus had the authority and confidence to say with a word and a touch of a hand “you are healed” or “get up and walk” to people who had all kinds of sicknesses, diseases, and disabilities. It’s hard for me to imagine the joy people felt after being healed by God and having their lives forever changed. It’s hard for me to fathom how their hearts must have felt knowing that the answer to their prayer was in an instant fulfilled in the fastest, easiest, simplest, and gentlest kind of way.

I want to see that today. I want people to see how Jesus is still here, right now, in this present world. I want them to feel that same joy. I want them to see that same power. I want their hearts and minds to experience the supernatural power that God has and how he is so close if we seek him. I want them to believe the unbelievable, and to capture what faith means.

But what does that mean to want that to happen? If we are Jesus’ hands and feet, the body of Christ, that must mean we have some part. He calls us, by name, to step out.

Acts 1:8 states, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.” We have full access and authority through the Holy Spirit to allow Jesus to do what he did back then, right now. Throughout the book of Acts we see Jesus’ disciples spreading Jesus’ story, healing others, and explaining to others what the true nature of being a follower of Christ looks like and is.

My prayer is to recieve that courage, that authority, and to be able to accurately spread that love to anyone I encounter that may need healing and encouragement to have their own lives forever changed. We need to ask for this continuously, because let’s be honest for some reason it’s hard to make those bold risks in today’s world. Fear creeps in. Fear of rejection, judgement, that someone may see you as crazy, or fear of making a scene. If we refocus that mindset of thinking of ourselves and foretelling the outcome of acting in obedience to what Jesus calls us to do, we can experience something truly amazing. We may have the possibility to witness a life transformed in a few minutes, so let’s push out of our comfort zones.

Let’s all pray for this together and chase after being more and more like the people Jesus challenges us to be.