Washed by the Water

Washed by the water,
Cleansed by His blood.
Overwhelmed by His mercy,
Sent down from above.

Stainless & pure,
With my head held high.
He loves and embraces me,
With arms opened wide

Consumed by the Spirit,
His presence surrounds.
I will keep His words close,
To share with those all around.

A daughter I’ll be,
To the most perfect Father.
A child of God,
Unique, and special unlike any other.

Chin Up

Tears fall,
Feet drag
Shoulders so low…
She tries so hard not to show,
But it’s written all over her face.

“Chin up,” he says.
But she doesn’t understand why?
I’m a disgrace and so unworthy.
I can’t seem to get it right.

But child, you are special. Don’t you see what I see?
I made you so perfect.
I made you like Me.

So free, and full of laughter.
Joyous and strong to conquer each distaster.
You belong somewhere different, than this life you are used to.
You belong to a place where peace & rest will always continue.

What You Mean to God

You are more beautiful than the brightest diamond,
More precious than silver or gold,
More valuable than the rays of sunshine that bring light to the earth.
I love you as wide as the oceans that reach across the world.
I love you as high as the stars in the sky.
My love for you is endless, like a circle that has no ending point.
My love for you is constant, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
When you go away, I wait for your return.
When you stay, I rejoice and want to give you many blessings.
Hearing you speak to Me, gives me so much joy.
And when you listen for Me to answer, I want nothing more but to let you know truth and love.
When you hurt, I hurt.
When you cry, I cry.
But if this is so, remember that when you’re happy, I’m happy.
When you laugh, I laugh.
When you smile, I smile.
And most importantly when you love, My love radiates even more.

The Rain

Often times rain makes a day gloomy…
But to her, rain brings cleansing.
A new start to make it right.
She likes to run through it, feeling the coolness bounce off her skin.
Bringing hydration and revitalizing her body to feel something worthwhile.
Spinning and twirling around, while laughing and playing as if time was standing still.
In this moment, she was alive, she was capable of smiling, and she believed that every day she could find something that would make her feel the way the rain did.
As water covered her, she looked up and stared at the sky that was dispersing the joyous rain.
With squinted eyes that could barely make it out, she raised her hands to feel the rain more intimately.
She was completely open to feeling it’s presence and was vulnerable.
She thanked whoever created the clouds to make this simple rain happen,
Because without the person who created the clouds & rain, this moment would have never existed.
And then she was consumed with something different than the feeling of rain dancing around her, she was consumed with complete serenity. Because if the rain made her feel this way, how do you think the creator himself would make her feel? She smiled, because she now felt how loved she really was.

Like the Hummingbird

O’ hummingbird
So fast & free
How I long to be like thee
So tiny, but strong
Friendly to all who belong
In your little family

You fly around
So playfully
With a beautiful sound
And stay up above the solid ground
Just slow down a tad
So I can see your beauty up close

You flutter about
With no reason why
You go on your way
In the blink of an eye
Eating the sweetness all on your own
So little you are, but no weakness is shown.

O’ how I long to be like the hummingbird…

Chasing the Wind

This poem is in response to the book of Ecclesiastes:

We go in circles,
Trying to find balance
On this earthly ground.

What’s the point,
When the hour glass runs out?
Is my existence meaningful at all?
Does the Lord hear me call?

We chase dreams,
And we seek life’s pleasures.
To get consumed
With earth’s many treasures.

But wisdom is worth more
Than any fine gold.
For knowledge is something
More valuable, is what I am told.

My Story

Sharing your story is a vital way to let loose of some of those chains that may weigh you down. Taking control and authority over the trials you endured, helps you to separate them from your identity. I encourage you to be brave and share yours. You just might help someone in the process…

My name is Lauren. I’m twenty-three years old. My story of how I’ve come to be a Jesus Christ lover and follower is a series of unfortunate events that recently I’ve grown to appreciate. Luckily, I grew up in a household that encouraged me to learn about Jesus through Catholic school & faith. This helped me develop a foundation that would grow in my heart and mind, while growing up and experiencing the ups & downs. Despite my knowledge of God and religion, I lived a life in constant anxiety & fear due to lies of unworthiness, judgments of others, and not loving myself for who I was, a child of God. Some events that allowed the enemy to plant the seed of fear at an early age included: sexual abuse at age 5-6, my parents battling life threatening medical issues throughout my childhood, and my parents separating three times before getting divorced. For me, these events put stress and anxiety of burdens that I was carrying that I didn’t need to carry at all. They caused pain and tension on relationships in my life that I didn’t know how to fix or handle. Thankfully, Jesus delivered me from all negativity I was trapped in for so long. After battles with relationships, alcohol, drug abuse, anger, and insecurities, I realized that these things didn’t have to be a struggle anymore, and the substances I used to fill holes that needed filling weren’t the answer at all. What I needed was love, patience, and gentleness. What I needed was a relationship with Jesus. I am forever grateful for Him coming to my rescue during one of the darkest hours of my life. He picked me up, placed people in my life that would show me that Jesus-type love, and gave me strength in times I wanted to give up. Because of His mercy & grace, I was able to forgive myself & others and get back on my feet to finally be at peace for the first time in a really long time. I now love myself and can see others for who they are, and can love everyone for who Christ made them to be. The weight of the world no longer rests on my shoulders, and I have realized that Jesus conquered every darkness on the cross and claimed victory for us all to overcome the lies that the enemy feeds us. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are not a failure. You are not broken. You are made whole, special, and capable through Jesus Christ. I want to share this with others and serve them by helping them learn about Jesus’ everlasting mercy and light. He loves you so very much and I hope my little story opens your heart a little more to feel it.

Much love & prayers,