Your Heart is Good

Have you ever felt that you aren’t being the person you want to be? You may not always act like the person you are, and during those times you feel like maybe you aren’t the kind, calm, encouraging, and beautiful person, afterall. 

You start to question if you are good. 

And when you make mistakes that aren’t good, you don’t always feel good about yourself, which can affect not only your self view, but how you interact and react to others. 

When we don’t feel like we are good, we won’t follow through with actions, we won’t be as encouraging towards others, and we will be so consumed with our not-so-goodness, we will miss out on the bigger picture. It isn’t about our goodness and actions, but about Who’s goodness dwells within us. 

God has given us a new life, with a new heart. In His Resurrection, we have found an affirming truth. 

We can be strengthened in knowing that even on our gloomiest days, we are not our mistakes. We are ever-growing and changing into more wise, capable, and mature creations. We are not ignorant, but aware, of the process of transformation that is made possible through Jesus’ Resurrection in the form of the Holy Spirit being present within us. 

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” -John 10:10 

“We are saved by his life when we find that we are able to live the way we’ve always known we should live. We are free to be what he meant when he meant us. You have a new life- the life of Christ. And you have a new heart. Do you know what this means? Your heart is good (Waking the Dead).”


A Life of Freedom

The last year has been trying, but purposeful. Here are a few things that have made an imprint…

Living in freedom is easier said than done…why is that? 

 1. There is, in fact, a battle. One that is in your mind, heart, and soul. Fighting for the truth living inside of you, fighting to conceal your true identity, fighting for your peace. Fighting to keep you in conformity. Fighting to keep you blinded and settled. Every day there is a war for your heart. 

2. Your actions matter, but your heart matters more. I long to see people lead with passion. Passion in their careers and workplace, in their marriages and relationships, and passion to learn more about who God is. I want people to know that love is truly it, the missing piece, to love like God has demonstrated, so simply, yet meaningfully. When we realize that life is meant to simply serve in love, everything now has purpose. Every conversation, smile, wave, plan, and action. Everything becomes intentional, which just makes it so beautiful and real.

3. Your past may be forgiven and forgotten, but the learned mindset, lies, and lifestyle behaviors take time to be transformed and molded into something new. Be patient with yourself and others, just like He is with you. As long as you continue to search for Him, learn about His nature, yield your heart over and over to be shown the next step, and remember who you are in Him through speaking with Him and reading His word, you will be made stronger by the Holy Spirit. 

You see, Jesus loves you. And what that means is that the way He sees you will never be any different. You are free to explore, question, be curious, doubt, laugh, cry…etc. 

Stand tall and firm, not because that is what comes naturally, but because you believe in who God says you are: Loved. Important. Strong. Brave. Free. You are here for a reason to share His love with everyone within your reach. 

Freedom, sweet, freedom, for all that take a moment to feel and believe. 

To Love 

To love like Jesus,
not color blindly, but in all colors.

Seeing each as unique and wonderfully made,

 with different shades of God’s beautiful creation.

To look into eyes and see compassion, not differences.

To have a heart to serve, and not be served.

To allow people to be their true selves, instead of holding expectations that they must rise too.

To have the humility to remain calm and true to your nature, instead of reacting in anger that will soon be regretted. 

To meet someone where they are at, and do what you can in action to be there for them.

To grieve for others that are self destructing, while having a heart to move to bring them to truth in the most gentle way. 

To show kindness beyond measure, through persecution and hate, having a love that will never change or falter. 

Beautifully Purposed

Life gets messy,

like the chips of nail polish on my fingers. 

We get beat up and burned up, 

and often times we are left wondering why. 

But maybe just maybe, 

we get a glimpse of heaven in the midst of it, 

if we only look up to the light for just a moment. 

We can see color and beauty in the chaos by seeing His glory.

What once was something messy, is now something beautifully purposed.

Revelation 11/28/16

Meditate on this:

I am loving. In order for you to walk in more obedience, you must live. Live completely loved by Me. You seek me even when you feel so far away and when your mind is in dark places. You still search for me. You are never, ever too far gone. I am always a word a way.

I am God, remember?

I am kind.

I am gentle.

I am forgiving.

I am merciful.

I am strong.

I am wise.

I am powerful.

I am Your provider.

I am slow to anger.

I am patient.

I am a teacher.

I am a protector.

I am within you.

I am all around you.

I am love.

Love…the Being and Maker of love itself in person, in action, and in mystery

Daily Aspiration 

Lord, help me to be patient.

Help me to be kind.

Help me to be slow to anger.

Help me to keep no record of wrongs. 

Help me to love others and myself the way you do.

Help me to be merciful and graceful. 

Help me to hate the bad, and cling to everything that’s good.

And not just the good that this world claims, but Your good.

I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

Love Letter 1

Dear love,

Thank you for wanting nothing but happiness to live in my spirit.

Genuineness is hard to come by. 

Thank you for putting yourself always before me. Teaching me. Guiding me. Protecting me. Always wanting the best for me. 

Selflessness is something rare, and is of purest intention. I’m thankful that you give it off and teach me more about it daily. 

Thank you for your patience, though sometimes I don’t acknowledge it. We both know how stubborn and hard-headed I can be, but you still wait. You still love. You still pursue. 

Your love has no limits, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Or at least I’ll try to remember to be…

When things get challenging, it’s hard to stay focused. It’s hard to remember that your there, near, and able to love me through it. But you are witty like that. You put people, and places, and memories right back in my train of thought or days, at the most perfect times, to get me back on track. To remember the purpose. To help me see things differently. 

This life is not even life without you… 

I just want you to know that.

I’ll always want you right here by my side, even when it doesn’t seem like it. 

I love you, and I want to learn how to love you more each day. 

With all my heart,

Lauren ♡