Abandoned Ship

You think I’ve failed you,
Abandoned ship.
You think I’m no good,
And I never followed through with my promies.
You think I don’t care,
You think I never have.
You think you aren’t worthy,
You think you don’t deserve,
A love that you thought you had…..
You ask was it love at all?
But the truth is that I did love you,
And believed in you with my whole heart,
But you tossed it out,
And abandoned me,
So the trust just fell apart.

My wish for you is to get up, and make a fresh new start.
Maybe your thoughts are right when you curse me,
But at least I still think of you,
Even though in our minds we’re threw
So on days you want to wallow in what could have been,
I hope you lift your chin.
Smile, now when you think of me,
and rid yourself of the memory.
For our time was short and awkward.
Neither of us knew what to do,
But you know, I’ve learned so many things throughout my time with you.

So if you think I let you “runaway”
Please know that you’re mistaken
I waited around for 7 months
Even though my heart was breaking.
Please rethink the situation,
I laid my heart and soul right on the line.
For you to think and wait,
To play out in your head what’s at stake,
It was clear to me that you’ve decided,
that my worth to you was not as important as the timing.
So this is where I’ll end it,
I’m done with playing games.
Don’t wait for me or anyone,
I know you are more than capable of finding love all the same.

Step Ahead

It’s not the end,
It’s only the beginning
So get out the muck
Of feeling like quitting.
Your purpose seems lost,
And a little forgotten,
But the timing is fair,
And it has a lot to reveal.
So hold on to the voice
That’s speaking so still
Smile at the fact
That there’s much joy ahead
and relax in the thought
That these lies are all in your head.
Get up and get going,
Your another day closer
To the blessing,
And the promise,
Your always a step ahead of the poser.

Southern Gentlemen

There is a man with southern charm.
With his hand so gently, he took mine and placed it in safe keeping.
Two hearts sharing thoughts and stories,
Honestly, openly, and freely.
With no fear of judgement, no worries of being replaced,
He said, “I am who I am, and you are who you are.”
That was more than enough to keep a smile on my face.
A man both tender, but aggressive all the same.
Hard-working and blunt, with no doubt or shame.
Confident and true in who he is,
But willing to learn more each day.
Trying his best to provide in a simple kind of way,
He teaches me more than words can say.
And for that I am thankful.

Be Who You Are


Be who you are.
Whatever that means.
A gypsy that goes with the cool autumn breeze.
A dreamer, a feeler, an out of the box kind of thinker.
A person who questions and can’t seem to make up their mind,
Or a person who has a heart that is so very kind.
A musical artist, a creator, and maker.
Someone who achieves things that take time.
Someone who gives at the drop of a dime.
A person who’s fearless and takes risks left and right, or somebody who likes to put up a fight.
Someone with soul, or someone who is simple.
Someone who’s smile leaves the cutest of dimples.
A person who’s jokes bring light to the dark,
A person who won’t stop until leaving their mark .
Someone who likes figuring out puzzles and riddles, or how about the person who is nervous and fiddles.
Or that woman or man who stands out in a crowd.
Or maybe someone who is too proud to be found.
Whatever you choose, just make sure your honest.
Because a person who pretends to be someone they aren’t,
is only hurting their own precious heart.

A Word of Truth

In the pain of a moment, you find your strength
Funny how that one little line makes so much sense.
In the depths of the darkness,
you find a spark.
A spark that turns the whole world upside down,
A little something to lift your frown.
A still, small voice spilling a word of truth.
A gentle embrace,
That puts a grin on your face.
Making the whole world fall right into place,
At last.

The Power of Words

Words have a power to pierce or to heal.
Like the north wind’s painful chill,
Or can be sweet like honey to the soul,
It can touch you so deeply it consoles.

Words can melt the iceberg heart,
that hardens your chest,
and keeps you struggling for your every breath.
Or it can jump for joy, or throb with glee,
Reminiscing on that one happy memory.

Words have a chance to turn the table.
They can give off hope and forgiveness, making you more able.
Or they can carry on a series of tragic events,
Making you more resentful wanting to call it quits.

Words linger and have an everlasting effect,
So choose yours words wisely with no regret
The ones that flow when emotions arise
Can leave you speechless in a state of surprise.
I hope yours are always meaningful…

I have faith that your intentions are true.
So choose words that are the best reflection of you. .