Who Am I?

Hello world. My name is Lauren. I am from southern Louisiana. I’m a 27-year-old that was a former school teacher and is now a provisional licensed professional counselor. My goal is to be a light in this world to those that need encouragement, truth, and positive influences. I am a follower of Christ and thank Him for giving me the courage to walk into this ever growing new life. I hope to bring His love to those around me with the skills He has given me. Here you will find meditations on scripture, journal entries from life lessons, poetry, & photography. I hope you not only enjoy this source of encouragement, but will be inspired to begin your own journey of awareness, experience your own spiritual awakening, and be brave enough to pursue the things that bring you closer to passion and living fully alive. Always remember that you play a part in making this world go round’ and how uniquely you are loved by a Creator full of grace.

You can follow me on instagram @laurenbmouton


-Matthew 5:14

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Many years ago, I lived in southern Louisian. It was good, and I have very warm memories from those times. I trust that our Lord Jesus will richly bless you.

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