Letting go…

There comes a time in life when you learn it’s time to let go.

Let go of that bad habit.
Let go of that person.
Let go of the dream that just can’t fall into place.
Let go of regrets.
Let go of your ego.

“Beverly Hills” is about just that.
Calling  quits on the one thing that kept holding me down, tearing me apart, making me hurt, making me angry, leaving me broken.

It’s not that I gave up or didn’t care.
It’s just that I learned to care more about myself than the thing that was hardening my heart.
It made all the difference…..

Letting go can be a start of true happiness and freedom. Encouraging you all to let go of the things that hold you back from who you are meant to be.

♡ Lauren

Beverly Hills


Riddles, riddles, on the wall.
Jokes on you.
We’re threw.
Threw with the lies.
Threw with the games.
Threw with it all, and your sorry ass name.
Don’t even try.
Or go there.
You knew all along.
You scammed the whole world.
With your handsome facade.
I wiped the glass clean.
So go take a walk
Or do something at all.
Anything, please.
Look what you did.
Now everything’s a mess.
Don’t blame it on me.
Don’t blame it on you.
Blame it on the darkness.
We let in this room.
Was it all worth it?
All of the thrills.
I’m threw with it now.

Your love,
Beverly Hills.

If there’s a will, there’s always a way.


Going back to the basics to understand a few things…

God places things on your heart and you can’t deny them, but you can push them aside.

The only problem with that is that your constantly reminded and your heart is nudged with guilt until you deal with it.

The action and word God is placing on your heart may seem like something that is too big to conquer, but remember you are not alone and he is for you. He wouldn’t be constantly bringing it up, if it wasn’t for your good. He sees the bigger picture, when only we can see what’s before our eyes in this moment.

So when you feel as though you can’t accomplish what is being asked of you, know that if your heart is in it for His greater good and not your own, there will always be a way to overcome. After all, he has overcame for you already. Place it, whatever it may be, in his hands and watch his glory unfold.

He’s got big plans for you. Stay encouraged. You are loved 

The Test


I can run in circles, or I can run to you.
I can try to do a million things that never follow through.

But I made a choice not so long ago,
To let you be my guide.
I promised to trust and let you have your way, forever by my side.

Now a time has come that calls for a test.
How scared I am of its request.

But your words are sweet and gentle to my ear.
Though in reality you seem far away, I know you are so very near.

I may have reservations and a mind of my own,
But I’ll choose to leave it at the feet of your heavenly thrown.

Your mercy gently wipes every tear from my face,
Your love overwhelms me with a warm embrace.

Only you can help me understand.
How to walk in this life and find a way to tackle it’s demands.

So undeserving, but you disregard and leave my faults behind.
I love you, Father, transform me from the inside.


Waking up every morning with your mind on fleek!
Singing songs of worship, swinging your feet right out the sheets.
Living on a new high, with the Holy Spirit as your guide.
Looking in the mirror with God’s light in your eye.
Letting the thoughts of being worthy sink right in your brain.
Not worrying what to eat, what to wear, or if the day will bring some rain.
Creating, learning, growing,
Instead of pretending, owning, showing.
Knowing what you stand for and how much your greatly loved.
Now those are some life goals we should choose to rise above.
A life where we don’t have to strive to be the
Most attractive,
Or the best!
Oh, how that would be a glorious day of peacefulness & rest!
A life where we build off one another, instead of constantly competing.
A life where we let go and let God do all the cleaning.
A life where negative attitudes are what we allow to be neglected.
Is a life that I feel is worthy of being reflected.

Overcoming Slavery

Locked and chained
Forced and pushed
Over the edge and repeatedly hushed.

Abused and mistreated.
Forever abandoned.
Slowly losing trust in what it means to live.
Dreaming of a time that life finally gives.

Hope is floating,
Farther and father away.
How you pray for a way…

The load is so heavy.
It’s too much to carry.
It weighs you down, until your too tired to walk.
It leaves you bitter, all alone to sulk.

But He gave you the voice to say no more!
Do away with the lies that eat at your core.
For a Savior came to carry the cross,
to claim a victory over all of the loss.

Jesus is His name and he is for you,
walking in His glory is what you can do.