What’s an Issue?

What makes an issue an issue?
Is it 2 sides disagreeing?
Is it pride?
Or what about insecurity?

We see issues everyday…
Issues about race.
Issues about gender.
Issues about sexuality.
Issues about abortion.
Issues about drug legality.
Issues, issues, issues.

What’s the point, really?
If God gave us free will,
Then isn’t it a waste of time.
To preach to the crowd who pays no mind.

Forcing your side of the topic in another’s face,
Will only make them look at you in such disgrace…
Being gentle, loving, and accepting will reach many
Spreading truth and the Word to those who listen will most likely spread farther than any.

So listen when people talk,
But don’t be quick to fight back.
If you want them to realize what’s right,
Do it in a way that doesn’t cause an attack.

Patience is key for seeing results.
So love one another despite their beliefs.
Be kind and forgiving, you’ll feel some relief.


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