The Smell of Oil

Quiet one again…
Days pass by so quickly, yet slowly.

Sometimes I wish to control the hands of the clock,

but I have to let go.

I’m strong because that’s what you want me to be,

but my true nature is to crumble.

Thank God that I don’t crumble.

As I fold each crease of your wrinkled shirt, I think of you…

The smell of oil still lingers.

My mind goes to where you are.

Where the work is hard,

but you’re so free.

Out there on the ocean, where you truly long to be.

A place so broad and open,

so full of contemplation.

Where there is stillness in the chaos,

from each breath of fresh air. 

How I long to be there and close to you,

but here I’ll stay.

I’ll just hold on to these thoughts that will get me through the day. 


I am comforted by warmth.
Like warmth from the sun,

beaming down at every inch of your face. 

Exposing every freckle and blemish,

but in that moment you are careless,

because you feel a glimpse of freedom.

Or like a bath you could sink into,

filled with bubbles and steam. 

Every muscle now able to surrender and relax.

Or like a hug…one of those embraces that completely surrounds you and allows you to just be held. 

Warmth is something that heals the coldness in the room, but also the coldness of a heart. 

Beautifully Purposed

Life gets messy,

like the chips of nail polish on my fingers. 

We get beat up and burned up, 

and often times we are left wondering why. 

But maybe just maybe, 

we get a glimpse of heaven in the midst of it, 

if we only look up to the light for just a moment. 

We can see color and beauty in the chaos by seeing His glory.

What once was something messy, is now something beautifully purposed.


Spread your arms out and hug the air…

Isn’t it lovely to hold onto something that may not be visibly there? 

But to hold onto something deeper instead…

Like faith in your heart, versus doubtful thoughts in your head.

Don’t believe the lies that call you foolish. 

You really are something special.

You were made with intention, for a purpose, and with love.

You were made to be free within your spirit soaring like a dove.

So white and so spotless,

With no limits to explore,

Made for adventure and always growing,

being made for so much more. 

Revelation 11/28/16

Meditate on this:

I am loving. In order for you to walk in more obedience, you must live. Live completely loved by Me. You seek me even when you feel so far away and when your mind is in dark places. You still search for me. You are never, ever too far gone. I am always a word a way.

I am God, remember?

I am kind.

I am gentle.

I am forgiving.

I am merciful.

I am strong.

I am wise.

I am powerful.

I am Your provider.

I am slow to anger.

I am patient.

I am a teacher.

I am a protector.

I am within you.

I am all around you.

I am love.

Love…the Being and Maker of love itself in person, in action, and in mystery

Uncovering Existence 

Behind the face was a story. 

Just like there is a story behind every face.

We often are too caught up within our own lines, that we forget that other stories have darkness and light, much like our own. 

We may not realize that even though light is present, sometimes that darkness had too much pain to get over so quickly. 

Don’t you ever think about this? 

Won’t you ever think about this?

We all feel pain. We have all felt pain. 

Doesn’t that matter? 

Shouldn’t that matter? 

Empathy is powerful.

So is forgiveness. 

Can’t we be more mindful, to pay more attention…

to the fragilness of mankind,

to the sensitivity of a moment in time.

How bad, harmful, and hurtful things can break us and linger. 

The only way to mend the loss or sting of rejection,

is to spread words of healing from a genuine place of your existence.

Daily Aspiration 

Lord, help me to be patient.

Help me to be kind.

Help me to be slow to anger.

Help me to keep no record of wrongs. 

Help me to love others and myself the way you do.

Help me to be merciful and graceful. 

Help me to hate the bad, and cling to everything that’s good.

And not just the good that this world claims, but Your good.

I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.