With the Wind

The wind is like Your breath;

Breathing over and renewing parts of me that feel inadequate. 

Each gust more present than the one before,

Reminding me I am right where I belong,

That I’m not walking on my own, but surrounded by Love on every angle.

I remember, as I brush the hair that has blown across my face,

That you designed every aspect of me, internally and externally. 

You know who I am in this moment,

Who’ve I’ve been before,

And You say “I will be with you always,”

Even into the parts unknown…

And though I try to go to deeper lengths to explain this momentary feeling, 

I realize that what has been said is enough. 

I am secure.

I am safe. 

I am where I belong with the one who designed me. 

I am with the One who controls the wind and lets it blow around me, 

In hopes that I’d take just a moment to see this mystery. 


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