The Smell of Oil

Quiet one again…
Days pass by so quickly, yet slowly.

Sometimes I wish to control the hands of the clock,

but I have to let go.

I’m strong because that’s what you want me to be,

but my true nature is to crumble.

Thank God that I don’t crumble.

As I fold each crease of your wrinkled shirt, I think of you…

The smell of oil still lingers.

My mind goes to where you are.

Where the work is hard,

but you’re so free.

Out there on the ocean, where you truly long to be.

A place so broad and open,

so full of contemplation.

Where there is stillness in the chaos,

from each breath of fresh air. 

How I long to be there and close to you,

but here I’ll stay.

I’ll just hold on to these thoughts that will get me through the day. 


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