Uncovering Existence 

Behind the face was a story. 

Just like there is a story behind every face.

We often are too caught up within our own lines, that we forget that other stories have darkness and light, much like our own. 

We may not realize that even though light is present, sometimes that darkness had too much pain to get over so quickly. 

Don’t you ever think about this? 

Won’t you ever think about this?

We all feel pain. We have all felt pain. 

Doesn’t that matter? 

Shouldn’t that matter? 

Empathy is powerful.

So is forgiveness. 

Can’t we be more mindful, to pay more attention…

to the fragilness of mankind,

to the sensitivity of a moment in time.

How bad, harmful, and hurtful things can break us and linger. 

The only way to mend the loss or sting of rejection,

is to spread words of healing from a genuine place of your existence.


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