Your Great Big Purpose 

My heart beams with joy when I think of how much you’ve grown.

It’s bitter-sweet, because you aren’t biologically mine, 

Though I’d go through extraordinary lengths to provide for you, 

take care of you,

protect you,

and be there for you.

To dry your tears,

to help you see,

that this life you know doesn’t necessarily have to be.

You have the power to make a plan,

to use your mind,

and dig deep within. 

You are smart,

and kind

and capable.

To do anything,

We are so very changeable.

Even though our time was short,

I’ll always be your teacher with an open heart, 

To lift you up,

to encourage,

and promise…

To remind you of your great big purpose.

To shape your mind to help you see,

that all we have is opportunity. 

So try your best in all things and don’t you ever give up,

You will either learn a great deal or may even succeed.

But nothing is lost at all,

through planting that one tiny seed.


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