Opened Box

Wear your heart on your sleeve they say….

Be trusting and giving.

So, I’ll trust until it hurts.

I’ll be open and honest, almost too open and too honest…

Because people don’t truly like honesty.

And people want you to remain in a confined box.

One that won’t be opened.

Because if it opens, all your secrets come creeping out.

When your secrets are exposed, they will feel compelled to release theirs.

And that’s a scary thought.

So we stay in the dark, until we get so full of thoughts and emotions,

That they soon start leaking from our tired eyes.

Make it stop.

But it doesn’t…

At that point it’s way too late, you’re too far over that mountain.

So overwhelmed with grief as if something just died.

You’re hoping its the old you that has been alone inside.


Now all of you is in the open air.

Although it’s still overwhelming,

The weight is feeling lighter.

You finally feel okay to let it out.

“Why haven’t I always done this?” you wonder.

Now what once was grief is turning into something more angry…

All those voices that made you feel bad for feeling

are echoed in your watery head.

You make promises you hope to keep.

Not to anyone, but yourself.

You promise to always be open no matter what it might do.

You promise to finally start caring about you.





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