Political Peace 

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, the political stuff in the media was picking at my brain. I started to pray and ponder on the different emotions I was feeling towards the candidates and circumstances going on. Lately, I’ve been pretty bitter and hopeless towards the whole thing, because it seems like people around me and most of the country feel like our choices aren’t very promising and it’s pretty much up to choosing for yourself the lesser of two evils. If you take in the different informations given to us by opinions of others and media, it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing.

I asked God what I should think of it. How do you do you choose a leader based off of all of this information? What was placed on my heart was God saying. “What this country needs is someone who will not tell us what THEY can do to restore this country, but what I can do to restore this country.”

With the different options we have, how can this be possible? I don’t want to chose between people that don’t have a Godly perspective, because with God’s perspective comes the genuine love for people.

That’s when I was reminded of prayer and it’s undeniable power. Instead of focusing on the many things Hillary, Trump, etc., have failed at, right now I need to be focusing on how I can pray for each candidate to gain new mindsets, perspectives, and desires to be the leader that we would need to be a unified nation again with values, freedoms, and rights that would reflect goodness and Godliness in our future. November is near, but there is still time to see changes in all parties before then. Holding onto this word is the only thing making me hopeful, confident, and at peace with this year’s election.

So my hope, is that you too know that it doesn’t have to be the way the world is making it seem. We don’t have to decide between the lesser of two evils and compromise our morals. We can boldly approach God through prayer with any worry, doubt, or uncertainty. We can claim authority over darkness, and proclaim light in all places. We can humble ourselves to seek His will above any personal agenda, greed, power, or pride, in ourselves and in this country. 


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