2 Corinthians 10: 7-8

“Look at the obvious facts. Those who say they belong to Christ must recognize that we belong to Christ as much as they do. I may seem to be boasting too much about the authority given to us by the Lord. But our authority builds you up; it doesn’t tear you down. So I will not be ashamed of using my authority.” 2 Corinthians 10: 7-8

This passage completely spoke to me in a way that I needed.
I got to a place where I was quick to get offended by the godly advice my friends were giving me.
I was caught up in sin, and didn’t want to hear the hard, but true words my friends were speaking to me out of love to help me overcome my situation.
I started thinking they thought they were better than me, more godly than me. They were judging me and my actions. I was less than.
These thoughts were lies, and I was starting to have this negative attitude towards my friends, driving me deeper into the actions I was doing.
This verse delivered me from my negative attitude and replaced it with a feeling of gratitude.
I began to see light.
To see my friends as who they are, godly people that loved me and wanted the best for me, God’s perfect will to be revealed in my life.
So when my friends come to me with truth and wisdom, I can remember that I belong to Christ just as much as they do. Christ loves me, just as much as he loves them.
They know I am better than the actions I am doing, because I am God’s daughter, chosen one, set apart, and capable of following his will for my life because of the blood Jesus.
Knowing this empowers me with more confidence in who I am in my Father, who he has called me to be, and reminds me that he has a purpose for my life.


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