Abandoned Ship

You think I’ve failed you,
Abandoned ship.
You think I’m no good,
And I never followed through with my promies.
You think I don’t care,
You think I never have.
You think you aren’t worthy,
You think you don’t deserve,
A love that you thought you had…..
You ask was it love at all?
But the truth is that I did love you,
And believed in you with my whole heart,
But you tossed it out,
And abandoned me,
So the trust just fell apart.

My wish for you is to get up, and make a fresh new start.
Maybe your thoughts are right when you curse me,
But at least I still think of you,
Even though in our minds we’re threw
So on days you want to wallow in what could have been,
I hope you lift your chin.
Smile, now when you think of me,
and rid yourself of the memory.
For our time was short and awkward.
Neither of us knew what to do,
But you know, I’ve learned so many things throughout my time with you.

So if you think I let you “runaway”
Please know that you’re mistaken
I waited around for 7 months
Even though my heart was breaking.
Please rethink the situation,
I laid my heart and soul right on the line.
For you to think and wait,
To play out in your head what’s at stake,
It was clear to me that you’ve decided,
that my worth to you was not as important as the timing.
So this is where I’ll end it,
I’m done with playing games.
Don’t wait for me or anyone,
I know you are more than capable of finding love all the same.


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