The Power of Words

Words have a power to pierce or to heal.
Like the north wind’s painful chill,
Or can be sweet like honey to the soul,
It can touch you so deeply it consoles.

Words can melt the iceberg heart,
that hardens your chest,
and keeps you struggling for your every breath.
Or it can jump for joy, or throb with glee,
Reminiscing on that one happy memory.

Words have a chance to turn the table.
They can give off hope and forgiveness, making you more able.
Or they can carry on a series of tragic events,
Making you more resentful wanting to call it quits.

Words linger and have an everlasting effect,
So choose yours words wisely with no regret
The ones that flow when emotions arise
Can leave you speechless in a state of surprise.
I hope yours are always meaningful…

I have faith that your intentions are true.
So choose words that are the best reflection of you. .


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