Once Upon a Sunlit Sky


Once upon a sunlit sky,
A plain jane girl prayed for a dream,
while closing her blue, colored eyes.
She walked and talked about her many plans,
Her head in the clouds, while staying close to her hard-working man.
She tried her best to make the right decisions,
Thinking of others, instead of her own ambitions.
Humble, kind, and true, she tried to keep a positive view.
Even though her world was hard,
She gave it her all to not pay that any mind,
Each struggle passed on through and was left behind.
No one can do it alone, and she knew that.
So she leaned on those she trusted.
She split her heart wide open.
She allowed people in the dark places of her soul, and also the places that were beaming with light.
Because those that cared made her world even more bright.
She was thankful, more than not.
And to those who wronged her and were sorry,
She always gave them another shot.
and the mistakes she made along the way didn’t define her as a person.
Because she knew her Father would always be pleased with her in the end.
For being true to herself would always win.
So she skipped and danced and sang many songs,
That made her feel whatever she wanted to feel.
No one could tell her that what she felt was too much or not enough.
For her skin, freckles and all, was tough.
She smiled and frowned and smiled again
She laughed and cried,
Without feeling like one was better than the other,
she released the fears and tension, by replacing it with being free to love her lover.
She allowed the sensation of a kiss to travel to the places that she missed.
And it was a safe place.
She smiled at the reflection of her face.
She was content with what she saw.
When she walked away from the mirror,
Her mind was a little more clear.
She thanked the Lord for what he’s done,
And went on with her day like it had just begun.



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