Be Who You Are


Be who you are.
Whatever that means.
A gypsy that goes with the cool autumn breeze.
A dreamer, a feeler, an out of the box kind of thinker.
A person who questions and can’t seem to make up their mind,
Or a person who has a heart that is so very kind.
A musical artist, a creator, and maker.
Someone who achieves things that take time.
Someone who gives at the drop of a dime.
A person who’s fearless and takes risks left and right, or somebody who likes to put up a fight.
Someone with soul, or someone who is simple.
Someone who’s smile leaves the cutest of dimples.
A person who’s jokes bring light to the dark,
A person who won’t stop until leaving their mark .
Someone who likes figuring out puzzles and riddles, or how about the person who is nervous and fiddles.
Or that woman or man who stands out in a crowd.
Or maybe someone who is too proud to be found.
Whatever you choose, just make sure your honest.
Because a person who pretends to be someone they aren’t,
is only hurting their own precious heart.


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