Even when you fail.
Even when you suceed.
Try, even when the work may make you bleed.

Try in the morning.
Try during the day.
Try at all times, even when life’s shit gets in the way.

Try during times of joy.
Try during times of pain.
Try even when the sky’s clouds are filled with heavy drops of rain.

Try for your lover.
Try for a friend.
Try for yourself, every now and then.

Try for a reason.
Even when you don’t see purpose.
Try, even when your life’s a freakin’ circus.

It’s really all you can do.
Because this life’s happiness depends all on you.

It depends on your actions.
It depends on your attitude.
So try, even though your feelings aren’t feelings of gratitude.

By trying you just might attract something good.
So try, even when not one person on this planet would.


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