Most of the time I’m unwanted,
I’m not sure what makes me so intimidating
Or why people are afraid when I come into their souls or hearts or minds.
I’m genuine and more real, than the many things they put in my place.
But I say thank you to the few that welcome me in.
The few that are brave, bold, and confident in knowing my purpose is to expose and renew,
To heal and to restore.
Once you let me in, you will soon realize my intention isn’t to stay, but to go right on through.
I come in and do what I need to do, and then go back out.
My job is not to leave you in a state of being overwhelmed and consumed, but for you to mend and learn.
So when you feel me in your stomach and I’m tugging at your heart, or your eyes start to burn from trying to keep me inside,
Remember I can be trusted and it’s so much better to expose me, than to hold me in.
When the tears or the words come out, a new feeling of ease will take there place.
I promise.


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