If there’s a will, there’s always a way.


Going back to the basics to understand a few things…

God places things on your heart and you can’t deny them, but you can push them aside.

The only problem with that is that your constantly reminded and your heart is nudged with guilt until you deal with it.

The action and word God is placing on your heart may seem like something that is too big to conquer, but remember you are not alone and he is for you. He wouldn’t be constantly bringing it up, if it wasn’t for your good. He sees the bigger picture, when only we can see what’s before our eyes in this moment.

So when you feel as though you can’t accomplish what is being asked of you, know that if your heart is in it for His greater good and not your own, there will always be a way to overcome. After all, he has overcame for you already. Place it, whatever it may be, in his hands and watch his glory unfold.

He’s got big plans for you. Stay encouraged. You are loved 


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