This Must End

Hey little baby, so small so sweet,
Without a name or voice to speak.
Let me help you leave your mark,
In a world that often turns to dark.
For the people here know not what they do,
To a small little innocent soul like you.

If you were here, I wonder what you’d say and feel.
Would you tell the doctors that the pain you felt is actually too much to reveal?
Would you look your momma in the eye,
And ask her the lingering question WHY?
I’m sure you wouldn’t find excuses to make it okay,
To kill about 3000 infants each day.

Hopefully one day, just maybe,
Everyone will finally understand that a fetus is still a tiny baby.
A baby that feels, and loves, and grows.
A baby that the Father surely knows.
A person just like you and me,
That deserves to belong, live, and be.


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