Waking up every morning with your mind on fleek!
Singing songs of worship, swinging your feet right out the sheets.
Living on a new high, with the Holy Spirit as your guide.
Looking in the mirror with God’s light in your eye.
Letting the thoughts of being worthy sink right in your brain.
Not worrying what to eat, what to wear, or if the day will bring some rain.
Creating, learning, growing,
Instead of pretending, owning, showing.
Knowing what you stand for and how much your greatly loved.
Now those are some life goals we should choose to rise above.
A life where we don’t have to strive to be the
Most attractive,
Or the best!
Oh, how that would be a glorious day of peacefulness & rest!
A life where we build off one another, instead of constantly competing.
A life where we let go and let God do all the cleaning.
A life where negative attitudes are what we allow to be neglected.
Is a life that I feel is worthy of being reflected.


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