A minute and a half
Is all it takes
To take thoughts
And make them dance
Right off the page

Somethings take effort and others come easily. For me writing is more than fun. It’s therapy. We all have our own gifts to be used and embraced.

The other day I wrote, though my mind and body were extremely tired.
I was desperate for energy.
For anything, to help me capture the little I had, to keep going and grow.
I was so exhausted I didn’t even care to search or try to regain it by the end of the day.
I didn’t know what it was that caused this drowsiness, I just knew that it was taking a toll on me.

So at a quarter to eight, I was already complete with chowing down a bowl of apple jacks, bathed, and cozied up in my bed. I had homework still left to do, things to make, reading to get done, but I heard a still voice tell me, “you have time to work, now is time to rest.” So I let myself go, I let my stresses go, I let my expectations of the day go, and just rested. I soon fell into a deep sleep.

Now it’s morning and I am rested and alert. That homework I needed to get to is now complete, the reading and writing I wanted to do is now started, and although I still have creations I want to make, I know that one of these days I’ll get to it in an appropriate timing. I don’t have to worry about my list of to-dos and it is 100% okay to allow yourself to rest. By resting, it allowed me to tackle the things more efficiently and with more energy. It allowed me to power-up and complete them even better than I would have before.

So if your mind, body, and spirit need rest, don’t fight against it. Your spirit guides you and knows you, even more than you probably know yourself. Trust in it and in God. He knows what’s best. So power-up, he’s got big plans for your life and future.



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