Gambling Man


Hey, gambling man…
What’s the point in gambling to end up in misery?
Don’t you know, it’s not all fun and games.
Life ain’t a gambling matter, don’t you lose your name.

To end up alone….
To end up together….
You think about it and let me know which is better.

You laugh and smile,
As if your life is a box of chocolates.
You poke fun at us, because you think we’ve forgotten.

Forgotten the feeling of living high.
Forgotten the feeling of walking blind.
Forgotten the feeling of shame and defeat.
Forgotten how it feels to live incomplete.

But gambling man,
I’ve been where you are before.
Gambling off things I ain’t living for.
Gambling my time, gambling my life.
Because I couldn’t find a way to live in the strife.

But I came back here not to come back to this game.
I came back here to show you I’m not at all the same.
When all my gambling was done,
I was left in dispair.
I was left with nothing, no one, just breathing polluted air.

I made a choice to start again,
To play a game I’d always win.
So I promised myself and the man upstairs.
That I’d gamble no more, because I’d remember how much he cares.

So there’s hope for you too.
Don’t you see.
I’m a changed man,
This is the true land of the free.

So stop this madness, put down the chips & cards.
I believe in you brother,
Life don’t have to be this hard.


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