Our True Nature


We are born with “Adam mindsets.” Mindsets that tell us we have to work through this life to survive. Part of this is true, but working alone will not get the ultimate job done. Working and toiling, and proving and striving. Struggling and hurting, and searching and failing. These are parts of life that are hard. That stop us from resting. Resting to restore strength and energy. Resting on someone to help us up and keep going. The someone that we need and that has always been there to carry our load is Jesus Christ. Once you realize that all our work will never add up to the ultimate work he did for humanity on the cross, everything your doing seems a whole lot easier and even more temporary.

I’ve read a book last week that helped me to understand this concept a little more clearly…here is an excerpt from it:

“Once Adam believed that his turning was the good, darkness became his reality. Control replaced trust, imagination took the place of word, and power the place of relationship and love. His own darkness redefined his understanding of everything, including God. He quickly forgot that he had even turned. He is still the son of God, the epitome of creation with authority and dominion, but now asserts this as independent power. Sadly, all of us, as Adam’s children, continue to live in the shadow of death, each of us determining on our own what is good and evil.”

“Without trust in the word or character of God, death is our contribution. That is the legacy we continue to perpetuate, unleashing principalities and powers to serve the beasts of politics and religion. We replace our desire for union, which originates in God, with self-satisfying lusts for conquest. We sanctify money as if it were life’s blood; we turn art into propaganda and weapons into instruments of worship. For the good of the many, we would sacrifice the one, over and over and over, the ends justifying means, all for the good, of course- as we each determine it.” (W.M. Paul Young- “Eve”)

This is in which the nature we are born into, but not the nature we are meant for. Learn and know and grow in the difference. It will change your life. I promise.

God bless. Praying for you always.


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