Being Known


Before I was saved, claimed, and unashamed, my life looked and felt much different.

I was afraid, anxious, and fearful of what others thought. I was fearful of anybody rejecting or judging me, so I kept everything inside. Thoughts, ideas, plans, jokes, opinions, and everything that was on my mind and heart, remained right where it began with no way of ever being known. You see, if the small things that I could claim were mine became exposed, sooner or later so would the big things, and this thought alone controlled my life.

Being known completely by others terrified me. Being known by others meant they knew all the good things about me, along with the not so good, vulnerable, shameful things that made me sad. The parts of my life that brought me genuine happiness would be exposed, along with my darkest secrets that I tried so hard to bury and forget. Being known was something I ran far away from and avoided completely. This didn’t always work out so well.

With this mindset, having healthy relationships was almost nonexistent, and I struggled with my identity and purpose. Being known is more than just sharing insight, memories, and pieces of life. It’s making a statement, boldness, confidence, and exclaiming who you are, and owning it. It’s allowing your insides to be your identity. It’s molding relationships that actually mean something. It’s being open to know others too. Humbling yourself to be known completely by another is actually the most important barrier to break to finally be honest, open, accepting, and understanding towards yourself and another.

I challenge you to be more vulnerable in your own lives. Vulnerability is not weakness, it’s strength. Make an effort to be open and be known for who you are by the people around you and most importantly God. He so desperately wants to know you, and I mean all of you. Your concerns, your questions, your heart, your mind. Everything. So don’t hold back. You deserve to be known for who you actually are. 


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