Concept of Eternity


Has the concept of eternity ever entered your mind?
Have you ever had an experience that you thought this is the end, and you were in a conscious state of an eternity, whether that was total serenity or complete torture?

Grasping onto the meaning of eternity can be a life changing revelation and can change the way you view life. It can renew your mind to question what’s actually important and what’s not, give you a brand new perspective and attitude, and open your eyes to true beauty and love.

This concept of eternity has been flowing in and out of my brain and heart over the last few weeks. Mainly, because I feel not enough of us think about it, and I can’t blame people for it either. In the life we live in, we have busy schedules that constantly deceive us into living in the moment, move from one thing to the next, and have a consumer mindset that keeps our minds focused on trends, material things, and media. We set goals, and hope to achieve them. We plan events, parties, and meetings with starting and ending times. We begin and end each day. Everything in this life has a beginning and ending, so it’s hard to understand or grasp on to something that lasts forever. This brainwashed mentality of mediocricy keeps us in a box of comfort zones, selfishness, and small minded thinking, stopping us from experiencing anything on a spiritual level at all, but the things of this world stop when this earthly world will end for each of us. However, death has been defeated by Christ, meaning life will continue in form for all believers! Because of Christ, everything changed. Because of Christ, life will continue.

So let’s think about this…..if life continues in form what does that mean exactly? I think this unknown factor is what may stop some people from visiting this concept. You can’t prove it, so why believe it? That’s what walking by faith and not by sight means. Believing when you don’t have the tangible proof to say, “this is what heaven looks like, feels like, and is like..” But we have the word of God, and we can see how loved & cherished we are by the Father, because of the blood of Jesus.  We can hold on to the promises of peace, prosperity, and love that is ours by believing in Jesus Christ and what he did for us. We can walk in his glory in heaven and on earth, because of his death and resurrection, claiming victory over every darkness in and out of this world.

So when you have trials, issues, and things in life that are working against you, know he conquered it for you. Laugh at the stresses that most people would work themselves over for, because it truly is ridiculous and so temporary. The life on earth is such a short time compared to forever, and when you think of things that are important, remember what truly is valuable: love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and community, the things you can’t see, but feel will always outweigh the things you can see. So take deep breathes, evaluate the situation, and realize that life is really simple.

After reading and thinking about this I pray your current situation does not seem all that bad. I pray you realize it’s only temporary….but your relationships with people will last forever!


3 thoughts on “Concept of Eternity

  1. I often read you posts and think “she gets it!”
    This is one of those. I wanted to comment especially on this one bc this I think is so difficult to really process & the only time I would ever be able to have a conversation with someone about this is when they ask “why does God allow bad things” and that is usually when they have experienced something so tragic that it shakes their faith and trying to explain this in that moment seems to trivialize their pain.

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  2. Sorry pressed post too soon…
    So all that to say, having your words in this context is nice bc you can soak it in outside of tragedy and hopefully have these nuggets as planted seeds to grow as needed.
    Keep it up. Love you!

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