The Green House


A beautful place right off the side of the road
So open for all to see,
But was mysteriously unknown.
What was left of green aged paint
Was so fragile and forgotten.
But the beauty remained in the ruins it laid in.

Wild things took over
From the tip to the top and in every corner.
What was inside would give you such horror.
Abandoned, alone.
With just memories to hold onto.
A house in appearence,
But the stories would haunt you.

The insides reeked of broken pieces and pain.
Portraits of a family, split apart with such shame.
The halls of that house were drenched with sad tears,
and the sound of solemn silence ringing in both your very ears.

How the beauty compelled me to seek what was there,
But leaving that place
Gave me a chill of dispair.
But in all the darkness, a glimmer of hope still remains.
The light was shining through the windows that stayed all the same.


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