She was stubborn and reckless
And often times indecisive.
To be hot or cold, was one question
She really loved reciting..

Some days she would come off cool and sweet,
While other days she was more of a burning heat.
One day so free, like a leaf falling down gently to the ground.
The other so fierce, like a strong wind blowing them all around..

But she was made of both hot and cold.
Even though inside she was so mixed up, people saw her so colorful with creativity, is what I am told..

She spoke her mind and told the truth,
Even though some didn’t welcome her in the room.
She brought about a breeze that calmed many storms.
She spoke about peace and prayed against all that could harm.

She rid herself of the dead unwanted things in her life.
To bring forth newness to make a fresh start,
She listened and observed from writings and art.

She looked around at the people she saw,
And loved a little piece of everyone she met.
In her heart, the memories will always be kept.

Though many seasons will come and go, and forever change….
Autumn was a time and place that will always know her name.


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