What You Mean to God

You are more beautiful than the brightest diamond,
More precious than silver or gold,
More valuable than the rays of sunshine that bring light to the earth.
I love you as wide as the oceans that reach across the world.
I love you as high as the stars in the sky.
My love for you is endless, like a circle that has no ending point.
My love for you is constant, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
When you go away, I wait for your return.
When you stay, I rejoice and want to give you many blessings.
Hearing you speak to Me, gives me so much joy.
And when you listen for Me to answer, I want nothing more but to let you know truth and love.
When you hurt, I hurt.
When you cry, I cry.
But if this is so, remember that when you’re happy, I’m happy.
When you laugh, I laugh.
When you smile, I smile.
And most importantly when you love, My love radiates even more.


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