The Rain

Often times rain makes a day gloomy…
But to her, rain brings cleansing.
A new start to make it right.
She likes to run through it, feeling the coolness bounce off her skin.
Bringing hydration and revitalizing her body to feel something worthwhile.
Spinning and twirling around, while laughing and playing as if time was standing still.
In this moment, she was alive, she was capable of smiling, and she believed that every day she could find something that would make her feel the way the rain did.
As water covered her, she looked up and stared at the sky that was dispersing the joyous rain.
With squinted eyes that could barely make it out, she raised her hands to feel the rain more intimately.
She was completely open to feeling it’s presence and was vulnerable.
She thanked whoever created the clouds to make this simple rain happen,
Because without the person who created the clouds & rain, this moment would have never existed.
And then she was consumed with something different than the feeling of rain dancing around her, she was consumed with complete serenity. Because if the rain made her feel this way, how do you think the creator himself would make her feel? She smiled, because she now felt how loved she really was.


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