The Ride

She rides & runs toward her prize…
Leaving all the worries of her old life behind.
She swings her leg up & around,
Kicking her feet off solid ground,
Because she can see clearly up above.
She focuses on one thing that she loves.
She strokes the mane of her horse,
Takes a deep breath, then starts her course.
She surrenders all her trials,
And throws in her gloves.
She didn’t come to pick a fight,
She just wants to do what’s right,
And show the world just how much it can miss,
Just by simply folding, checkin’ out, or callin’ quits.
She says, “You know yall were made for so much more,”
So quit sittin’ in self pity and actin’ poor.
For you deserve the riches of the heart,
So get up & make a change,
It’s time to start…
Have a little faith, it’ll do its part.


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