Sing a Song About Love

Sing a song about love, sing a song about life,
Because both or so good, and go hand in hand.
Though life gets tough, and has many demands.
I’m so grateful for love,
Because of the joy that it brings.
Making obstacles come and go like a cool autumn breeze…

My love, I am yours, and you are mine.
Together we’ll conquer the world
Just a little at a time
So grab on to my hand,
And let’s look & see
The adventures that await for both you & me…
So buckle in, let’s go for the ride,
Share all your secrets, you have nothing to hide.

We’ll conquer the waves, the storm, and the fight,
Because sticking together we’ll do what is right.
I’ll give you my heart & I’ll care for your soul,
Together we will be, until the whole world grows old.
But we will know better than to stop it right there,
For we will go on to that for distant land.


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