Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

This one is inspired by a special group of second graders that I hold dear in my heart. Teaching you was one of the most rewarding times of my life and I will forever cherish it…this one reminded me of a lesson we had fun with in Science class 🙂 Ms. Mouton’s favorite subject:

This world is such a marvelous gift.
Let’s come together to make a wise choice.
Keeping it clean to protect it from harm,
To make it so warm, for all creation to live.

This message is short, but sweet to follow,
But so often we see those empty cans, paper, & bottles all about the ground.
All the trash that goes out,
From carelessness, making pollution scatter all around.

For children know better and have learned
that keeping Earth clean is much preferred.
They know the three key words.
Recycle, reuse, reduce,
We all have a job to do, so let’s come together to put ourselves to good use.


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