Investing Time

Invest your precious time with those that invest their time with you!

This is fantastic and I am so grateful I’ve learned this lesson…

You see, all kinds of different relationships come and go in our lives. The ones that remain for a lifetime are ones that are built on godly principles and genuine love & care, reciprocated by both ends. While you should love all people, like brothers & sisters, some people will not show you that same kindness back, and yall that’s okay! You see when Jesus walked the Earth going to spread his wisdom and love to everyone who entered his path, he did it perfectly. He welcomed everyone with genuine love, with arms wide open. He accepted each person for who they were and helped them to start new in a better way of life. He rejoiced with those who took his words and believed, and welcomed those who wanted to follow, but to those that had little faith and did not accept his words & love, he continued on his journey anyway. He invested his time with all, but did not wait around & harp on those who took him for granted. He simply gave them truth & love, and when he was rejected he moved on. He didn’t love them any less, he just did his part & was content. That is the beauty of our God giving us free will. He doesn’t control or push us, and is so gentle & patient.

We can learn from this example by treating our relationships in the same regard. You can share truth, love, & Jesus with many people. Some will take it and grow from it, while others will reject it. Some will see you for who you are, while others will ignore it. Some people will come in and want to know everything about you, while others will only think of themselves. I’m not saying they are wrong and I’m always right, but you should not waste your precious time on people who don’t bother hearing you or seeing you for who you are. Once you do your part by listening, sharing, loving, & caring that should be enough. You’ve done what you’ve can. If the relationships flourish into lifelong friendships, cherish it; if not, don’t dwell on it. The right ones will always prevail.


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