Winter Home

Tiny icicles hung low from the rooftop.
When she approached the doorstep a drop trickled down and hit the collar of her red wool coat.
She glanced down at it and nervously wiped it off.
She took a deep breath and pointed her  shakey finger, aiming it directly at the round button.
“Ding dong.”
Her thoughts bounced back and forth. The anticipation was literally eating her alive.
“What will I say, what will he think.”
She began to recite the Our Father in her head to give her some comfort.
Then she giggled because the anxiety was taking so much of a tole on her.
She told herself to calm down and stop being so ridiculous.
Her chest began to visibly rise up and down, with every deep breathe she forced out.
Her cramping stomach, sweaty palms, and icy hot cheeks began to diminish a little at a time.
The door suddenly opened and there he was, grinning ear to ear, arms wide opened, saying “Welcome home!”
All the fear instantly vanished, she walked in with a head held high, she walked into a place where she finally felt welcomed.


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