Prayer for the Protectors

Wrote this poem because of the evil, unfortunate events that keep happening not only in our state of Louisiana, but all around our country. I think it’s so imperative that people realize that these types of things we are seeing, the violence and hate, is something that sin causes in a nation. Instead of spreading more hate & vile, we need to come together in unity, prayer, & love. We can start by praying for our country and it’s leaders, and also for the people who put their own lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. Instead of turning to television, social media, and false articles on matters like this, I encourage you all to seek answers & comfort from the Word. In the word of God you will begin to get understanding and will get a clue to what will come and how to best prepare yourselves to deal with these kinds of situations. Instead of hiding in fear, now is the time to put on the armor of righteousness and bravery that only God can provide. Now is that time to be a warrior and fight the evil one back by spreading truth, wisdom, & love to everyone in your path. This includes family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, etc.

So here is to the ones out in the field to help us maintain humanity, safety, and protection everyday:

To the men & women who put on the uniform to defend.
To protect & guard.
To keep safety of anything that harms…

I pray that you stand firm,
That you don’t fear or stay concerned,
With the world that quickly turns.
Turns from good to dark.
From kindness to violence…
In the blink of an eye, they have  such rage & menace.
For no particular reason, they just have so much hate.
So many people & families depend on you with their fate
I pray that God gives you the strength to maintain the energy to remain brave.
I pray that you have many lives to save.

To those that are questioning the world that we live in,
I pray that you seek guidance  from the truth that’s within.
Be mindful & smart of the false resources all around,
Don’t go to the media with the nonsense that surrounds.
For all the answers to this chaos can be gained from the Word,
And understanding of what’s to come you will soon quickly learn.


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