Beware of Idols

Have you heard the phrase: “You are what you worship?”
Remember these words for they are right…
Idols lurk in the shadows and the night.
For worshipping doesn’t always happen on hands and knees,
Idols creep in our lives like a foul disease!

Where your thoughts and actions roam day-by-day,
Will soon take control of your lives in the sneakiest way.
So what is it that has you?
Is it your very reflection in the mirror,
Buying things that will make you appear even better?

Or is it the parties, friends, and beer…
Leaving no time for soberness that deceives you to even hear?
Or how about those many things that fill your plate,
That keeps you going and going that makes you fear of being late?

So go about your schedule, while every moment passes by.
For it will come and go in a mere blink of an eye.
Just remember idols don’t always come as tall and famous statues,
They come as simple things like television, objects, desires, or anything you can cling too.

Be careful; be wise,
Don’t let the enemy take control, when he shows up in disguise.
Cherish those people around you and be kind,
For relationships are more important than things, I hope you’ll find.


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